How to Find a Good Babysitter


How to Find a Trusted Babysitter in Your City

Parenting and questions go hand in hand, and one of the questions we are often asked is how to find a good babysitter. If you’re a parent in desperate need of some alone time, you understand how valuable a good sitter is. You also understand how hard it can be to find someone you trust. Finding the right sitter involves finding someone qualified to watch your children and can quickly form a connection with you and your family. Let’s just say that interviewing sitters is not for the faint of heart and can feel a bit overwhelming at first.

That said, there are tools that you can use to make finding the right sitter easier. If you’ve been searching for a sitter via word of mouth and are not having much luck. We have the perfect solution to your babysitting needs.

UrbanSitter is a company that connects you with trusted babysitters from your local community. The app and website can help you find a sitter in minutes—whether you plan a date night a week in advance or need a sitter at the last minute. Sick days, parent-teacher conferences and work emergencies are less stressful, knowing that you have a pool of qualified sitters to choose from.

Curious to learn more? We’ve put together this quick guide outlining what you can expect after signing up with UrbanSitter.


What is UrbanSitter?

UrbanSitter is the closest thing you can get to word-of-mouth recommendations. It uses a smart algorithm to scan your Facebook connections, kid’s school, local neighborhood, and local community groups and clubs to match you with babysitters that parents you may know are regularly using. 

This process cuts down on the number of interviews you have to do by helping you find the top-rated and most sought-after sitters in your area.

How to Find a Safe Babysitter

No parent wants to leave their children with a stranger, and UrbanSitter knows that. So the company has made it its mission to become the safest and most trusted place for parents and sitters to connect. Only sitters and nannies who pass a comprehensive background check and screening can join.

What Does the UrbanSitter Background Check Include?

In addition to an automatic background check, every application received by UrbanSitter is reviewed by a specialist instead of a computer.

Each background check guarantees that the sitter has cleared the following: A nationwide sex offender registry check, a global watchlist check of terrorist, sanction, and other watchlists, and a national criminal search for a history of felony and misdemeanors. 

UrbanSitter also awards badges to sitters who respond to new families in 24 hours or less and maintain a 90% or better completion rate on all bookings.

UrbanSitter Babysitter Profiles

UrbanSitter parent and sitter profiles include repeat hire, feedback ratings, review indicators, and responsiveness and reliability badges that help you find a qualified sitter fast.

They also offer sitters’ video profiles, allowing them to better convey their personality before contacting them.

UrbanSitter Pricing

If you thought UrbanSitter couldn’t get better, think again. It is the only babysitting site that offers a “pay as you go” option with no long-term commitment. Of course, if you ultimately decide to use UrbanSitter for your babysitter needs, like any service, you’ll need to pay a fee to access all of its features. However, you can test drive the service with the free basic access before you commit to becoming a member.

Payment Options

  • 3 Month Access Pass – $59.95 (Does not auto renew)
  • 1 Month Access Pass – $34.95 (Does not auto renew)
  • Quarterly Plan – $64.95 (Billed every quarter)

How Much do UrbanSitter Babysitters and Nannies Charge?

Sitters and nannies set their rates which are shown on their UrbanSitter profile. While location and experience play a significant role in price, average rates range from $11-$16 an hour for one child.

UrbanSitter Pros

  • Easy to use and can be accessed on mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Connects you with high-quality sitters and nannies in your area in minutes.
  • Uses strict and enhanced background checks to vet all of the sitters on the site.
  • Many of the sitters have already been hired by parents, you know.
  • Pay-as-you-go options, no subscription required.
  • 250,000+ reviews
  • UrbanSitter also offers senior care, pet care, household services, and tutoring.

UrbanSitter Cons

  • The amount of sitters available depends on where you are located.

Knowing how to find a good babysitter that you can trust is difficult—especially if you don’t know many moms in the area. UrbanSitter connects you with nearby moms and their trusted sitters to help ensure that you’re little ones are always in safe hands.


The pricing information provided in this article may change at the time of this writing. While we don’t have any influence or control over the pricing changes that UrbanSitters may implement, we do our best to keep our content up-to-date and reflect current price changes. 

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